Brighten Spirits and Inspire Smiles for Kids at Children’s Wisconsin

“You are brave and courageous, and I am cheering for you! I hope my note makes you smile and reminds you that you have family, friends, doctors and nurses supporting you—not just today, but every day.”

Let the kids at Children’s Wisconsin know they’re not alone as they receive lifesaving care.

Your note of encouragement will make a big difference!

When a child is hurt in a car accident, when a baby’s heart fails, when a teenager attempts to take their own life, when a worldwide pandemic hits — the team at Children’s Wisconsin asks: How can we care for all dimensions of a child’s health and well-being — physically, socially and mentally?

Lifesaving pediatric care doesn’t stop in times of crisis. That’s why our dedicated team at Children’s goes above and beyond for the kids who turn to us in times of need.

Brighten spirits and inspire smiles for kids receiving care.

Send your message of encouragement to a patient today.

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